Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wombats creation

the art of quilting is awesome...what started as a dresden plate experiment for a cushion front...with this wonderful dress print fabric ...ummmmm

kind of grow a life of its own...hehehe

my wonderful neighbour inspired me to make it into a quilt
with lots of machining 

its a lil hard to see the pink stitching on the white  but my darling husband calls it the Feng shui of quilting 

it truely was my living breathing work of art .i haven't quilted
before and i soon found loads of books and great web help....

so very proud of my neat back

all finished and waiting for binding which silly me sewed on wrong which i later found out..oh well it was a experience and like life i learn heaps from my mistakes and my achievements...

my work of art finished for my Lil princess wombat


  1. I LOVE this quilt. It is beautiful. I especially love the floating skirts dancing around the centre. I have quilt envy now....

  2. wait till i post the two i have in progress..hehe

  3. thank you..i am hopeless at painting but with out sounding up my self brilliant at sewing..and creating