Wednesday, March 23, 2011

birthdays of April part 1

every year i think  to my self im going to do something special for my kids  for there birthdays..what i never know ..and sadly what i do is never overly satisfying..... this year indeed a different story i found the love of quilting and my kids love it....april my big girl turns 14 and my lil man turns 3 ...

 so off to the shops with my lil man  and miss 9  we went.......the lovely lady at our local craft shop had a blast with us in her shop trying to help a lil man find his feature fabric...cats dogs noooo cars noo we went through the whole shop was bit like being in a candy store....finally he decided on  planes he had to have the planes....nearly chucked a fit over it when i said indeed was a fun sigh to see.

then off to mum stash of fabric....note to self dont go looking in fabric stash with lil man as he takes 5mins to pick and 2hrs to convince of
with a semi kid free weekend i came up with a log pattern design for him cut and sewed in no time

front all finished still need to sandwich together ...with batting and backing but i am very happy with what i came up with and best of all lil man is happy and very excited

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