Sunday, March 27, 2011

frantic few days

after my 3 blog out burst Wednesday night ..surprise surprise it has been highly frantic here..and i only have a small about to say...... Thursday  was me day pedicure, brow wax and funky new hair cut..(muchly need since the last was over 6 mth ago before i got married)...indeed was a awesome day...then Friday well what can i say frantic Friday as always ..but success  big girls quilt is sandwiched and basted together after 5hrs of cursing and swearing at sitting on the hard cold floor and stabbing my finger a million time and begging a princess wombat to get off the quilt ..cheeky Lil turkey... Saturday voting yuk but sadly a must... then 3hr drive to brissvagas for craft expo omg what awesome day.... granny, niece ,hubby, princess wombat and i all had a all that read this it is a must for all crafter...awesome tips and tricks fabulous quilts to see and indeed be inspired by...i am indeed a lucky woman to have such a wonderful hubby to have taken us ...and total appreciate the day....spent way to money much but such is life...cant wait  for craft and quilt fair in Oct its going to be just as good  if not what about today pin cushion mad day.....i mad the most massive pin cushion so i wont loose any pins..cough lol...quiet Sunday which was good after such a inspiring mentally exhausting day yesterday.....

through for u all...

And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.Wole Soyinka 

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