Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new to you

siting with the tv in the back ground and listening to a nearly 3yr old gab gab before sleeping...another interesting night in my home...being a mother to 4 children is indeed a thrill and a challenge at the same time...there is indeed never a dull moment in my home...im new to blogging and feeling very excited but yet all so very timid about it....where to start what to say...such a rush of words come to me but choosing  what to say is not as easy i through it maybe...
family and sewing are my 2 greatest loves....and quiet easily at times my 2 greatest tests....i often look at my family and think how much it is the same as my sewing...they both inspire me ....make me pull my hair out..leave me exhausted  but at the same time on a high of achievement or a low of disappoint when something goes wrong...being a mother of 4 is indeed a interesting job...it takes patients and loads of co-ordination just like my sewing...and funny enough are at times extremely messy....i have hanging in my house a sign that says "CREATIVITY IN  PROGRESS"....no truer words said...weather it is the project im working on  or dinner im making creativity is indeed out way of life...my sanity and my insanity....


  1. Good on you for starting a blog, I cooked mine up last week and am learning fast (how to gadget it up and get it looking just how i want it.. well you have your first follower, i clicked on over from Aussie mummy bloggers, check out the newbie page there too, anyway my names courtney and if you get a chance check out my blog over at:
    good luck :-)

  2. Hi there! I just clikced on over from Aussie Mummy Bloggers, looks like we are in a few of the same groups, tried to comment before but who knows where that went.. I started my blog last week, have a look if you get a second its:
    http://thatblogyoudo.blogspot.com good luck with the blogging, i think its kinda fun. :-)

  3. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to seeing some of your creations.

  4. Enjoy your blogging journey...XXX