Sunday, March 27, 2011

frantic few days

after my 3 blog out burst Wednesday night ..surprise surprise it has been highly frantic here..and i only have a small about to say...... Thursday  was me day pedicure, brow wax and funky new hair cut..(muchly need since the last was over 6 mth ago before i got married)...indeed was a awesome day...then Friday well what can i say frantic Friday as always ..but success  big girls quilt is sandwiched and basted together after 5hrs of cursing and swearing at sitting on the hard cold floor and stabbing my finger a million time and begging a princess wombat to get off the quilt ..cheeky Lil turkey... Saturday voting yuk but sadly a must... then 3hr drive to brissvagas for craft expo omg what awesome day.... granny, niece ,hubby, princess wombat and i all had a all that read this it is a must for all crafter...awesome tips and tricks fabulous quilts to see and indeed be inspired by...i am indeed a lucky woman to have such a wonderful hubby to have taken us ...and total appreciate the day....spent way to money much but such is life...cant wait  for craft and quilt fair in Oct its going to be just as good  if not what about today pin cushion mad day.....i mad the most massive pin cushion so i wont loose any pins..cough lol...quiet Sunday which was good after such a inspiring mentally exhausting day yesterday.....

through for u all...

And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.Wole Soyinka 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

birthdays of April part 2

so with my big girls birthday in april too it was must to do a quilt for her as well....we have such a volcanic relationship at times i really want to give her something that is full of love and heart...
and a surprise....
mums upper hand being she lives at her dads(yuk) different town (yuk) which allows me to pull it off...
to my husband horror lol off to spot light we went to find to find some mummy inspiration...of which was not hard to do spotlight -candy store spotlight candy
then to the design board ..teens can be so hard to pick for so glad i have a very inspiring family my wonderful miss9 suggested flowers  and flowers it was..i stubbled a cross this awesome flower design  with  2 days of cutting  layering and then ironing  6 block flowers began to grow

have to say when i stayed to work on this quilt i was a lil sick with the choices i made ...but i had this vision ..

santa gave me this wizz bang sewing machine at christmas ..and omg it is the many stitches to choose....blanket stitch u are my 2nd best friend

colours slowly coming together

lil hard to see but i machined stitched curly leaves when its all  sandwiched together there be another 2 lots of stitching rounds to make it look more like leaves

with so many colours i have been able to do lots of logs in a rainbow effect  as border to pull it all together

front all finshed big girl was home on the weekend and she was so excited and happy...
"its awesome mum" what more can u say about that......

birthdays of April part 1

every year i think  to my self im going to do something special for my kids  for there birthdays..what i never know ..and sadly what i do is never overly satisfying..... this year indeed a different story i found the love of quilting and my kids love it....april my big girl turns 14 and my lil man turns 3 ...

 so off to the shops with my lil man  and miss 9  we went.......the lovely lady at our local craft shop had a blast with us in her shop trying to help a lil man find his feature fabric...cats dogs noooo cars noo we went through the whole shop was bit like being in a candy store....finally he decided on  planes he had to have the planes....nearly chucked a fit over it when i said indeed was a fun sigh to see.

then off to mum stash of fabric....note to self dont go looking in fabric stash with lil man as he takes 5mins to pick and 2hrs to convince of
with a semi kid free weekend i came up with a log pattern design for him cut and sewed in no time

front all finished still need to sandwich together ...with batting and backing but i am very happy with what i came up with and best of all lil man is happy and very excited

wombats creation

the art of quilting is awesome...what started as a dresden plate experiment for a cushion front...with this wonderful dress print fabric ...ummmmm

kind of grow a life of its own...hehehe

my wonderful neighbour inspired me to make it into a quilt
with lots of machining 

its a lil hard to see the pink stitching on the white  but my darling husband calls it the Feng shui of quilting 

it truely was my living breathing work of art .i haven't quilted
before and i soon found loads of books and great web help....

so very proud of my neat back

all finished and waiting for binding which silly me sewed on wrong which i later found out..oh well it was a experience and like life i learn heaps from my mistakes and my achievements...

my work of art finished for my Lil princess wombat

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new to you

siting with the tv in the back ground and listening to a nearly 3yr old gab gab before sleeping...another interesting night in my home...being a mother to 4 children is indeed a thrill and a challenge at the same time...there is indeed never a dull moment in my new to blogging and feeling very excited but yet all so very timid about it....where to start what to say...such a rush of words come to me but choosing  what to say is not as easy i through it maybe...
family and sewing are my 2 greatest loves....and quiet easily at times my 2 greatest tests....i often look at my family and think how much it is the same as my sewing...they both inspire me ....make me pull my hair out..leave me exhausted  but at the same time on a high of achievement or a low of disappoint when something goes wrong...being a mother of 4 is indeed a interesting takes patients and loads of co-ordination just like my sewing...and funny enough are at times extremely messy....i have hanging in my house a sign that says "CREATIVITY IN  PROGRESS" truer words it is the project im working on  or dinner im making creativity is indeed out way of sanity and my insanity....